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Experience healing, get practical advice, and learn the answers to your deepest questions...

 straight from your 

 higher self

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis

 With Samantha Nicole 


Are you ready to...

Are you ready to:

  • receive answers to questions about your past, relationships, health, innate abilities, and more?

  • get personalized advice for how to best deal with real-world issues.

  • experience mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, or energetic healing?

  • let go of old beliefs, traumas, and behaviours?

  • connect with the incredible power of your own Higher Self or Subconscious Mind?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis helps spiritual seekers and lightworkers to find healing and answers by allowing them to connect with the wisdom of the Higher Self. 

it's time to find healing and answers by connecting with the wisdom of your Higher Self. 

Tap into universal truth & your own inner guidance to finally gain access to the healing, answers & insight you've been searching for.

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Beyond Quantum Healing

Past Life Regression - Therapist Training

Spirit Releasement Therapy - Psychic Energy & Entity Healing

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma

Hypnotherapy Certificate Course

The Art of Tarot Card Reading

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Fill out the intake form to                     


Receive an email with a link to your secure payment through Square, and complete your purchase.


Check for a second email with links to schedule and prepare for your session.



You come with a list of questions.


I get to know you in a pre-session interview.


Together we create an intention for the session.


You get comfy & the hypnotic induction begins.


I guide you through an experience that provides healing & answers all of your questions.


You're taken out of hypnosis and given a video recording of the session to review & deepen the experience.

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Experience a session from the comfort of home

“Amazing! I had an online session with Samantha and it was one of the most fascinating experiences I've ever had! I was able to pull back the veil to reveal the answers to questions that have been swimming around in my head for a very long time! Samantha's warm demeanor and professional manner instantly put me at ease. Highly recommended for those who have unanswered questions❤️"

Kathy O.




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I don't trust my own intuition & I feel like I need validation from other people, like psychics.

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I want to change old behaviours & patterns that aren't working for me anymore.

I've been dealing with trauma & need to know the best way to heal.

I need to know what to do to heal my health issues.

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There are so many healing modalities to choose from, but I don't know which one is right for me.

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I spend too much of my time & money on healers & psychics.

I feel blocked & can't figure out how to break through.

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I want to know how to manifest the life of my dreams.

My relationship is on the rocks & I want to find a way to reconnect.

I need help achieving my career goals.

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I'm dealing with a stubborn problem & have tried absolutely everything to fix it, but haven't made any progress.

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I'm going through a spiritual awakening & need help navigating the ups and downs.

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I feel confused about my life path & purpose.

I've been trying to develop spiritually, but don't know if I'm on the right track.

I'm looking for tools & advice for how to reach my personal & spiritual goals.

I've been searching for practical spiritual support, but I'm not sure who I can trust.

I want to feel a deeper connection to my angels & spirit guides.

I want to improve my intuitive abilities, but don't know where to start.

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I need clarity about a difficult experience from my past.

I feel like I have something to contribute to the world, but can't figure out what it is.

I want to understand my relationships on a deeper level.

I'm curious about what happens after death.

I want to understand the bigger picture.

I have so many questions about life, my soul's journey & universal truths.

I want to learn how to live in alignment with my Higher Self.

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All of this changes NOW!

I can help you to connect with your own intuition to get healing & advice that's completely personalized to you & your situation.

Fill out the intake form to                     

hiya! I'm samantha nicole.

clients experience:

Letting go of old trauma, fears, beliefs, energetic blockages, and entity attachments.
Past Life Recall
Memories of past, present, or future lives which are relecant to issues experienced in the current life.
Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, or energetic healing.
Practical Advice
Individualized health, diet, relationship, career, and other personal advice.
Truths about personal connections, strange experiences, mysterious events, and universal knowledge.
A clear understanding of your purpose and a path for moving forward.
A deep and spiritual connection to your own Higher Self or Subconscious Mind.
Deep Relaxation
Gentle full-body relaxation and tension release through hypnotic suggestion.

My guarantee

Your higher self is running the show, and you can rest assured that you will always receive exactly what you're ready to experience.

If you're unable to experience a trance state for any reason, I will gladly reschedule your session at no additional cost.

I apply my full attention and scope of skills, knowledge, and intuitive ability to each client in every session. My passion is in helping you to get the answers, solutions, and guidance that you need to propel you into the life you've been longing for.

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What You Get
Quantum Healing Hypnosis
Psychic Readings
Traditional Therapies

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a session?

Just fill out the intake form to get started, and I'll reach out via email to walk you through the rest!

How do I make a payment?

After reviewing your intake form and determining that you're a good candidate for Quantum Healing Hypnosis, I'll email you with a link to make your secured payment through Square.

Is hypnosis safe?

Absolutely! Hypnosis is nothing more than allowing yourself to be guided into a very relaxed state, not unlike following a guided meditation. You will remain fully aware of what's happening around you, and will maintain full control of your body and mind throughout the experience. You could choose to get up and leave mid-session, if you wanted to! Hypnosis is actually a naturally-ocurring state of heightened focus that we experience on a regular basis, like when watching a good movie or reading a book. There's a lot of residual misinformation floating around about hypnosis from previous decades where it wasn't as well understood as it is today, so during the pre-session interview we're sure to clarify any myths or beliefs about hypnosis that you may be holding onto.

What if I'm not able to be hypnotized?

No worries—you're backed by my rescheduling guarantee! While it's possible (and natural) for virtually everyone to experience hypnosis, if you're having trouble getting into the zone on the date of our session, I will gladly reschedule your appointment for free.

What if I'm not spiritual or don't believe in past lives?

No worries! There are many ways to think about the work that I do. If you don't connect with the approach of dealing with the Higher Self, spirit guides, angels, or ETs, then we can deal with the Subconscious Mind and find healing through symbolic storytelling instead. What's important is that your questions and concerns are addressed in a way that resonates with you best.

How long does a session last?

It varies! Your Higher Self or Subconscious Mind is running the show. Some people get all of the answers that they need in a very short session, while others take more time. While sessions can range in length, they typically average around 3-5 hours.

What equipment will I need for an online session?

Just a webcam, pair of headphones, and microphone.

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I'm ready, take me to the