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Quantum Healing Hypnosis

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Connect to the part of yourself that knows the answer to every question, and the solution to every issue.

About Samantha Nicole

 About samantha nicole 


Sam spent the first 10 years of her adult life managing teams in call centers and business consulting firms. While her job was to manage and motivate a team of employees to achieve target sales and service goals, she found that her passion was in assisting them with their personal issues. 

As an intuitive empath, Sam has a lifetime of experience in listening to the issues and innermost secrets of those around her. Her boyfriend Ryan often jokingly teases her about her uncanny ability to be stopped by complete strangers in shopping malls and parking lots, only to have them share intimate life details, and occasionally ask for advice. They often express their own surprise at themselves for having shared such details with a total stranger. She recounts one instance where she and Ryan were in a department store shopping for plant pots. A young man rolled his cart past the aisle where they were shopping, shooting them a quick glance before disappearing behind the shelving. In seconds, he had spun his cart around and made a beeline for Sam where she stood examining the pots. He struck up a long conversation about a plant that he had given to his girlfriend as a ‘symbol of their love’ and expressed his dismay that it wasn’t doing well. Candidly sharing issues that he and his girlfriend were experiencing in their relationship, he asked for tips on the plant and the relationship, both of which Sam was happy to provide. As he walked away, Ryan laughed and commented to Sam about how strange it was that these things always seem to happen to her.

So when issues arose at work with the employees in her care, they found it natural to confide in her the problems that they were experiencing at home or in their personal lives. Meanwhile, Sam was struggling in her own life to come to terms with a painful childhood and its residual effects. Her insatiable curiosity and desire for personal development led her to a spiritual path, and this path quickly became both her biggest passion and the cornerstone of her healing process. She absorbed metaphysical information, self-development techniques, energy healing modalities, law of attraction content, divination methods, and other esoteric material. In developing a meditative practice, she learned to connect with her natural claircognizant and clairsentient abilities, and began to channel information with the help of her team of guides and other light beings. The constant striving for personal development and spiritual fulfilment equipped Sam with an arsenal of tools and techniques that she found extremely helpful in assisting her employees with their past traumas and personal issues. 

Wondering if it was possible to turn this passion into a career, Sam explored countless modalities before discovering the work of hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon and her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®). Though fascinated by Dolores’ approach, the structure of the modality seemed too rigid for Sam, who prefers to use her own intuitive guidance system in all areas of life, and in doing so often travels off of the beaten path. This is when she found Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), a modality created by Dolores’ own protégée—Candace Craw-Goldman. BQH takes all of the amazing healing aspects of QHHT® and eliminates the rules to allow for each practitioner to use their intuition and their own personal set of skills to facilitate each session. The familiar feeling of ‘knowing’ that lives somewhere deep in her gut told Sam that she had finally found her career path!

Sam’s greatest joy is in helping people to gain self-awareness and overcome their personal hurdles. As a Quantum Healer and Intuitive Channel, she has the great privilege of assisting her clients in doing just that. Send her a message today to find out how she can help!




BQH Session

Beyond Quantum Healing is an intuitive, heart and energy-based quantum healing modality that can be facilitated either online or in person. BQH uses intuitive hypnosis and guided visualization techniques to assist you in connecting with your Higher Self or Subconscious Mind—the deeper part of yourself which has all of the answers! Many clients seek BQH sessions to receive physical or emotional healing, guidance, and/or the answers to life's key questions.

Channeled Reading

Intuitive guidance for one issue or question, channeled through automatic writing. You will receive a 3+ page PDF report via email containing an intuitive grounding ritual to help you connect to your guides, information about the team of beings who assisted me during your reading, a transcript of the channeled response to your question, and any additional insights or guidance that may arise during your session! Readings are provided within 3 business days from the time of purchase.



“Amazing! I had an online session with Samantha and it was one of the most fascinating experiences I've ever had! I was able to pull back the veil to reveal the answers to questions that have been swimming around in my head for a very long time! Samantha's warm demeanor and professional manner instantly put me at ease. Highly recommended for those who have unanswered questions❤️"

Kathy O.

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