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Top 20 Spiritual YouTubers to Guide You Through Your Awakening

YouTube has become a valuable resource for those of us on the path of spiritual awakening. It's given a platform to this generation's brand of spiritual teacherthe spiritual influencer.

Influencers help to bring a fresh, new and relatable spin to the topic of spirituality.

Gone are the days of conscious seekers revering spiritual teachers who seem to have attained a level of mastery that none of us mere mortals could ever hope to achieve.

Instead, real people who have gone through their spiritual awakening and managed to come out the other side intact are sharing what they've learned along the way to help others like them to do the same.

So if you've found yourself on a spiritual path, check out the following YouTubers who can help to guide you through all of the many phases of your journey (in no particular order):

1. Ralph Smart

Subscriber Count: 1.82M

Total Views: 263,023,507

Video Count: 3,697

Online Since: January 8, 2008

Post Frequency: Daily

Follow For: Energy updates, intuitive guidance & how-to videos on a variety of spiritual topics.

Ralph Smart is a psychologist, author, and (of course) YouTuber who runs a channel called Infinite Waters. His video opener and tag line "...we're out here, in nature, breathing in that good ass prana, baby!" has become synonymous with his brand, along with other fun catch phrases like "the cat down the road" and "can I get a hello[ooo] there?".

Ralph's videos are often set outside in nature, where he seems to riff topics based on his mood or the energy of the day. His unrushed, almost hypnotic way of speaking captivates viewers and draws them into his message. The British accent doesn't hurt, either!

Some of his most popular videos include 5 Signs Your Third Eye is Opening, Why I Stopped Watching Porn, and 10 Secrets Marijuana Smokers Won't Tell You.

2. Teal Swan

Subscriber Count: 731K

Total Views: 89,774,819

Video Count: 558

Online Since: January 26, 2011

Post Frequency: Weekly

Follow For: A multi-dimensional perspective on a wide-variety of topics ranging from healing & personal development to manifestation & psychic abilities.

Teal Swan has come to be known as a controversial figure in self-help circles, but many of those in the spiritual community recognize and acknowledge the value in what she offers.

A self-described extra-sensory and catalyst for change, Teal uses a variety of methods to help her clients and her following. She draws upon lessons learned through healing from a childhood of ritualistic abuse, as well as knowledge obtained by using her extra-sensory and psychic abilities to teach others how to gain self-awareness and to heal.

The author of 6 self-help books and a healing modality known as The Completion Process also runs the popular YouTube channel Ask Teal. Each week, Teal creates a new video to answer a popular question posed by her followers.

Some of her most popular videos include How to Activate and Open Your Third Eye, How to Raise Your Frequency and Increase Your Vibration, How to Heal the Emotional Body, and F*ck The Law of Attraction.

If you like Teal's content, try searching YouTube for some of her interviews. Many interesting and informative discussions that she's had with other members of the spiritual community have been posted online.

3. Lee Harris Energy

Subscriber Count: 135K

Total Views: 7,903,597

Video Count: 270

Online Since: December 17, 2010

Post Frequency: 3-4 per week

Follow For: Monthly energy updates, interviews with members of the spiritual community, & advice for change-makers & conscious entrepreneurs.

Lee Harris is an author, musician, and energy intuitive who focuses on providing practical teachings to conscious and sensitive people who are looking to improve their lives.

Though he's most widely known on YouTube for his popular monthly energy updates, Lee also creates high-vibe music and hosts interviews on his channel with a variety of figures in the spiritual and self-help communities.

His Impact the World podcast series is aimed at helping conscious entrepreneurs and change-makers to effectively spread their message, and is a great resource for people running a spiritual business.

Some of his most popular uploads include his monthly energy updates as well as yearly forecasts like 2012: Year of Power, and 2020: The Energy Forecast.

4. Victor Oddo

Subscriber Count: 282K

Total Views: 24,564,341

Video Count: 761

Online Since: October 22, 2015

Post Frequency: Weekly

Follow For: Moon energy updates & spiritual awakening guidance.

Victor Oddo is an intuitive empath, writer, and YouTuber who offers online courses and coaching to help empower people through their spiritual awakening process.

Victor's regular moon energy updates are incredibly spot-on, and he offers a lot of practical advice for those experiencing many of the common peaks and pitfalls of a spiritual awakening.

He's also a member of a close-knit group of spiritual YouTubers and friends who often collaborate together by appearing in each other's videos.

Some of Victor's most popular uploads include 7 Signs You've Already Had a Kundalini Awakening, How to Contact a Spirit Guide, and 7 Signs You Are a Lightworker.

5. Aaron Doughty

Subscriber Count: 1M

Total Views: 83,499,640

Video Count: 1,333

Online Since: July 10, 2014

Post Frequency: Daily

Follow For: Spiritual how-to videos, meditations, & other metaphysical topics.

Aaron Doughty is a spiritual influencer who's grown quickly in popularity largely due to his daily YouTube videos on a variety of esoteric topics. He uses his YouTube platform, podcast, meditations, and online courses and webinars to help people to expand their consciousness.

Best buds with Victor Oddo, the two often collaborate together and with others in their friend group. Aaron recently moved into a shared house with other conscious YouTubers, and they sometimes appear in each other's videos.

Some of his most popular uploads include 3 Things You Agreed to Before You Were Born, Instantly Open Your Third Eye and Activate Your Pineal Gland, and 5 Things to Give Up to Raise Your Vibration.

6. Leeor Alexandra

Subscriber Count: 353K

Total Views: 23,396,062

Video Count: 396

Online Since: May 18, 2013

Post Frequency: Twice weekly

Follow For: Law of attraction tips, manifestation advice, and spiritual awakening experiences.

Leeor Alexandra started her YouTube career by creating Law of Attraction and manifestation content, and over time she began lovingly referring to her followers as the Baby Elephant Community.

These days, she's also been taking us on the raw journey with her through the process of her spiritual awakening.

Her company Alchemy by Leeor Alexandra offers stunning amulets which use Kabbalistic principles to infuse specific vibrational frequencies into the jewelry. Perfect if you're looking for some high-vibe accessories to jazz up your wardrobe!

She also briefly dated Aaron Doughty, and is a member of a their YouTuber friend group, so you're likely to catch a glimpse of her on other popular spiritual channels.

Leeor's most popular videos include Law of Attraction: How to Change Your Appearance, How to Attract Anything in 17 Seconds, and Manifestation Journaling: Scripting with the Law of Attraction.

7. Activation Vibration

Subscriber Count: 80.6K

Total Views: 3,587,447

Video Count: 164

Online Since: February 17, 2014

Post Frequency: 1-2 per week

Follow For: Channeled activations, light language, & spiritual lifestyle tips.

The Activation Vibration channel is run by Heather Hoffman, who's on a mission to raise the vibration on the planet by bringing in higher frequencies.

Heather channels these energetic frequencies, and she shares them in the form of light language and other light code transmissions on her YouTube channel. She also discusses a wide range of topics including plant medicine, extraterrestrial beings, the law of attraction, sexual energy, and breathwork.

On her website, she offers a mentorship program, courses, meditations and clothing for those on a spiritual path.

Some of her most popular videos include Divine Feminine Affirmations - Activate The Goddess Within, Free The Boobies - Stop Wearing Bras, and How to Clear and Cut Cords, Ties, Attachments, and Why.

8. The Moore Show

Subscriber Count: 89.8K

Total Views: 13,966,657

Video Count: 1,108

Online Since: September 16, 2011

Post Frequency: 2-3 per week

Follow For: In-depth interviews with channelers and other members of the spiritual community.

Kevin Moore created his online talk show The Kevin Moore Show while in university, where he began interviewing philosophers, paranormal researchers, spiritual teachers, and other members of the spiritual community. In doing so, he would help himself and his viewers get a better understanding of spiritual and universal truths.

In 2015, Kevin began tapping into his own intuitive abilities and began channeling information from a source that he believes to be his Higher Self. This was a catalyst for him to venture deeper into the world of channeling, and he began filming his popular docuseries They Call Us Channelers where he travels the globe interviewing a huge selection of well-known channelers.

He eventually created, a place to connect people with qualified channels, psychics, and other intuitive readers.

Kevin's YouTube channel is chock-full of interesting interviews with interesting people like hypnotherapist and creator of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) Dolores Cannon, Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka), and conspiracy theorist John Lear.

9. Christina Lopes

Subscriber Count: 200K

Total Views: 8,588,954

Video Count: 214

Online Since: September 8, 2014

Post Frequency: 1-2 per week

Follow For: Clear & practical tips regarding spiritual awakening and living as an empowered empath.

Christina Lopes, A.K.A. "The Heart Alchemist" is a clinically trained Neuropediatric Physical Therapist who earned her Master's in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University (fancy, right?!).

After an intense spiritual awakening experience, she learned to heal her heart and mind, and now shares her teachings with the world through her YouTube channel, coaching, and private retreats.

Her approach is unique in the spiritual community in that her experience as a clinician helps to inform her teachings, and to clearly organize her message into practical and easily digestible chunks of information.

She often discusses the spiritual awakening process, healing, personal growth, life as an empath, and other metaphysical topics.

A few of Christina's most viewed videos include The 6 Life-Changing Stages of Spiritual Awakening, What's an Empath REALLY & How to Thrive as a Sensitive Person, and How to Let Go of the Past FOR GOOD.