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If you're having an online session, take some time to review what you'll need to prepare your space:


Over-the-ear headphones with an attached microphone are the best option for being able to hear and be heard clearly during a session. This type of setup typically doesn't cause muffled sounds when the client moves during a session.


Ear buds are another good option when over-the-ear headphones are unavailable. A consideration is that sometimes using ear buds with an attached microphone can cause muffled sounds when a client moves during a session. When using ear buds, be mindful of your hair placement to avoid muffled noises as much as possible. Long-haired clients may consider putting their hair up and out of the way when using ear buds. 


Over-the-ear headphones with an attached microphone tend to work the best for Quantum Healing sessions, but ear buds with an attached microphone also work well the majority of the time. You'll definitely want a microphone that comes close to your face. Often times, even those of us who are typically loud speakers will whisper during a session. This means that you'll want to avoid using microphones such as the ones built into a laptop.


Sam will need to be able to see a clear view of your face including both eyes, as well as the upper part of your chest during the session. This is because she'll be monitoring your facial expressions and breathing to help facilitate the best experience possible. It's common for clients to move during their session, so camera placement should be somewhere that won't be impacted by your movement.


Check your internet connection! Online sessions are facilitated using Zoom, which requires between 2.0 and 4.0 Mbps upload and download speed. You can check your internet speed here.


Because it's so important that Sam is able to see your face throughout the session, lighting is just as key as the camera setup! Natural lighting is beautiful, but if a storm rolls in or the sun goes down, she may not be able to see you. Soft overhead or lamp lighting is ideal for both visibility and relaxation.


Choose a location for your Quantum Healing session. One benefit to online sessions is that you have the opportunity to feel even more relaxed by being in the comfort of your own home. Many clients choose to lie in bed, on a couch, or in a recliner.


Washroom breaks for both the client and practitioner are common and even recommended during sessions. It's a form of energetic release! So you'll want to ensure that you're close to a private washroom where you won't be disturbed along the way. Make sure that there's a clear path to get there without any obstacles, as you'll likely still be in a light trance as you go.


Get comfy! Sam is notorious for wearing jammy bottoms during her online sessions, and certainly won't judge your wardrobe choices! Have pillows and blankets available to support you in a comfortable position. The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be to relax.


Who is in the house with you? It's important that you have complete privacy during your session so you can feel safe and comfortable with whatever comes up. Having others nearby or within listening range can sometimes prevent clients from fully relaxing and verbalizing their experiences, so it's best to arrange some private time for your session day.


Have a glass of water nearby, and an easy way to refill it. Part of the session involves a water alchemy process, and it's also important to remain hydrated throughout the session. Drink water prior to the start of your session, and don't worry about washroom breaks—they will not negatively impact your experience in any way. In fact, they're often recommended!


Prepare yourself a snack to eat following your session. Eating can help you to ground yourself and come back into everyday awareness.

looking to make the most of your session?

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