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A Quantum Healing session begins with a pre-session interview. This is where we spend some time getting familiar with one another, and where I get to know you on a deeper level. I'll ask questions about your life, childhood, the issues or patterns that you may be experiencing, key players in your life, and your belief systems. We also cover the technicalities (camera setup, microphone, lighting, etc.). You'll have a chance to ask any questions, and we'll review your intake form and the list of questions that you brought. The pre-session interview is an important step because it teaches me what I need to know about you and the people and things that you care about to ask the most effective questions during your session. 

Quantum Healing is a heart and intention-based modality, so we spend time towards the end of the pre-session interview crafting the perfect intention. Intentions are a powerful way to start moving the flow of energy in a particular direction. By setting a clear intention, we're able to magnify the effect of your session and ensure that all of your questions are addressed. Once we have a solid intention in place, we perform a water alchemy process which further solidifies the intention and begins to set the stage for your regression.

After the water alchemy process, you'll get comfy and I'll begin the hypnotic induction. From there, your Higher Self or Subconscious mind will take the reigns, so each session is completely unique! It's common for people to experience current life memories or past, parallel, or future lives that relate to the questions they prepared and the intention that we set during the pre-session appointment.

At some point during hypnosis, we will address any physical, mental, emotional, or energetic blocks that may be present within you. This aspect of the session is just as varied as the rest and can occur in a multitude of ways. 

As with anything in a Quantum Healing session, the part of the experience where we speak to your Higher Self or Subconscious mind can come at any time and in any way. When we connect, I'll ensure that all of your questions and concerns, as well as anything that came up during the regression experience, is addressed.

Once the session is complete, I'll bring you back out of trance and we'll have a quick chat about the key points of the experience. I'll also give you some suggestions for grounding to help you fully come back into everyday awareness.

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“Amazing! I had an online session with Samantha and it was one of the most fascinating experiences I've ever had! I was able to pull back the veil to reveal the answers to questions that have been swimming around in my head for a very long time! Samantha's warm demeanor and professional manner instantly put me at ease. Highly recommended for those who have unanswered questions❤️"

Kathy O., Quantum Healing hypnosis session

“I would like to start this by expressing that I am not a spiritual person, and this is not something that would typically be of interest to me. After having sat with Samantha Nicole I can honestly say that I learned something new about myself. From the very beginning I felt that the session was all about me and the questions I had, and Sam did everything in her ability to work towards those goals. It was a very personal 1 on 1 experience and an extremely relaxing one at that, that helped me get some answers I was looking for. I would highly encourage anyone thinking about trying this experience, and has questions that they just can't figure out the answers to, to speak with Samantha Nicole about booking an appointment."

R.A., Quantum Healing hypnosis session

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