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The following information will assist you in having the best possible Quantum Healing consciousness exploration experience. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions—I'm happy to help!

Having an online session?

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It's up to you to decide how much you want to do in order to prepare for our session. The most important and only requirement is to trust the process, trust yourself, compile a few questions, and show up! That said, many people find benefit in learning to quiet the mind, reading helpful articles to debunk myths and provide relevant information, and in working through practical exercises.

quieting the mind

If you're not already a regular meditator, now is the perfect time to start! A quiet mind that isn't filled with racing or looping thoughts will be your best friend in a Quantum Healing session.


Click here for an awesome YouTube video which explains exactly what meditation is and why it's important.


Meditate in silence for a minimum of 10-20 minutes per day or use an audio track containing either binaural beats (these work best with headphones) or nature sounds. Many of these videos can be found for free on YouTube, but I'll include a few examples here:

Waterfall Sounds
Ocean Waves
Binaural Beats with Music


creating your intention & Affirming it

From the moment that you make the decision to book a session, it's important to create your intention to have clear and direct communication with the deeper part of you which is able to provide healing and information. Let's call that part of you your Higher Self. Now that you've created an intention to clearly connect, the next step is to create an affirmation which keeps you focused on that intention:


"I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self."


Note the tense of this affirmation. It's not "I will have", it's "I have."


You can then repeat this intention either silently or out loud right after waking up, throughout your day and (most importantly) before you go to sleep at night. Try placing a Post-It note on your bathroom mirror as a reminder, and focus on your intention as you brush your teeth and prepare for bed.

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letting go of expectations

Intentions and expectations are completely different things. Specific expectations about what you're about to experience are not at all helpful. Expectations can cause you to be less relaxed and go less deeply into the experience during a session. This is because your mind is more likely to get in the way as it tries to judge and assess what's happening in order to compare to its preconceived expectations. The best thing that you can do is to come to your session with an open mind and a sense of joyful curiosity. Check out this video featuring the creators of QHHT® and BQH to learn more about expectations in any Quantum Healing session.

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Practicing through Pre-recorded Regressions

Find somewhere quiet where you can close your eyes, relax for a few minutes, and listen to an audio session on YouTube. The following is a practice regression video with Quantum Healers Candace Craw-Goldman and Alice Mixer. It contains a demonstration first, and then a practice regression with which you can follow along. Play along with this video a few times until you're able to find your own surprise in the closet!

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Practicing visualization & using your imagination

Imagination is the language of the Higher Self. Absorbing that idea and doing a bit of preparation in order to stimulate your imagination is a great way to prepare. Check out the following articles written by the creator of BQH to prime your imagination for your session:

Seeing Exercise
QHHT and Making it Up
Dear Left-Brained Client
Feeding Your Imaginative Self
The What-If Game: Exercise Your Right Brain

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Debunking common hypnosis myths

It's important to understand that you won't simply go to sleep and wake up with all of your 

problems solved. And no, it's not necessary for you to go so deep into hypnosis that you become unconscious. Please read this article about common misconceptions regarding hypnosis and regression work.

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Checking out additional resources

Here's another great article containing some info on how best to prepare for your session.

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Preparing a list of questions & concerns

You'll want to prepare a list of questions and concerns ahead of time. Please either print or write this list down as legibly on paper and hand it to me at our appointment. Alternatively, you can create a word document and send it over prior to the session via email. List these questions in order of importance in the event that we're not able to address them all. Some clients bring a single question or issue, and others bring dozens. It really doesn't matter how many you come up with, only that you put them in order of importance. 

What types of questions?
The general rule is to ask personal questions, or keep chosen topics relative to your personal life. Here are a few examples:

  • I've had asthma since birth. Why? Can it be healed?

  • I'm in a new romantic relationship. Is this person right for me?

  • I really dislike my job and would like to quit and find a new one. Is that something that would benefit me at this time?

  • I have a difficult relationship with my sister. Why is that the case, and can it be resolved?

  • Many years ago, I had something strange happen to me. (This could be a dream, vision, feeling, or experience). What exactly happened, and why?

  • I've had a lifelong interest in [subject]. Can we explore this in depth?

As your facilitator, I have my own prepared list of questions that I can ask if you're focused on only one or two issues, and I also use my intuition to add to that as needed. So don't worry if your list is short! It's also important to note that I hold onto your written list for my files, so please make a copy for yourself if necessary.

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The day of your session


Avoid drinking any alcoholic or caffeinated beverages prior to the session, and even in the evening beforehand, if possible. If you're a regular morning coffee drinker, please don't skip your coffee, but do go easy and keep your consumption to a minimum prior to your session.


Light exercise prior to your appointment, like a long walk, is an excellent way to prepare for a successful session. This is another great time to repeat your intention. We want your body relaxed, but your mind quiet and alert and engaged.



As much as possible, clear your day for the session. We begin by talking, going over the process and questions. Then you'll get comfy and relaxed and we'll begin the hypnotic regression. Afterwards, we'll go over what was experienced and make sure you're awake, grounded, and ready to get on with your day.


It's generally not a great idea to have additional appointments following your session, or to plan a long drive unless you're in the passenger seat. Having a Quantum Healing session is very much like participating in a long, very detailed and involved daydream. You'll feel as if you've just returned from an amazing journey, having visited other worlds and lifetimes—and in fact, you'll have done just that! It's best to have some time to process your experience and give yourself an opportunity to fully return to your regular conscious day-to-day reality before attempting any complex mental tasks or strenuous physical activity.

After our session, I'll prepare your digital recording and send either an MP3 file or a Zoom download recording link to your selected email address. Please download your file as soon as you receive the link and make a backup copy. I cannot archive your recording indefinitely. Zoom links expire quickly, as I need to make room for the next client's recording. Please do NOT delay downloading!


Listening to your session in the days and weeks and even months ahead can be a very valuable component of your Quantum Healing experience. Even if your conscious mind 'remembers' the session immediately afterwards, similar to some dreams, it can begin to fade from your memory—even if you had an 'unforgettable' experience! In addition to this, further energetic downloads of information may be enhanced by repeat listening. Any healing or life improvement suggestions can and will be reinforced by listening repeatedly to the audio as well. One goal of Quantum Healing is to have your conscious mind 'get on board' by aligning with your Higher Self and its goals, and accepting any changes or healing that you intend to experience.


Lastly, please remember that I'm always interested in hearing from you in the future and I encourage you to reach out or leave feedback on my review page to let me know how your session has affected your life.

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technical information

Online sessions are facilitated using Zoom, an easy-to-use, web-based video conferencing system. You must have Zoom installed on your device prior to your session. Having a headset or ear buds with microphone attached is important. I'll send you a personalized link for our session appointment prior to the start of the appointment.

Please practice using Zoom and test out all of your equipment and your internet connection with a friend BEFORE our session! You won't want to spend our valuable session time focusing on your equipment.

Here's a one-minute video demonstrating how to join a Zoom meeting.

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registration & payment

Registration and payment must be completed prior to the start of our session.

Online Sessions require pre-payment before we begin the session, which can be completed during booking.


In-Person Sessions can be pre-paid via the online booking tool, or you may bring cash to your session.


Cancellation fees may be charged. Please be courteous and give me as much notice as possible if you must cancel or reschedule. Other clients would be happy to take your spot! Emergencies and travel delays are often unavoidable, and of course I'm happy to work with you in these situations. 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions are powerful, memorable, and often life-changing. I look forward to our time together!

Namaste and have a beautiful day,

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